Who We Are

With a sterling reputation earned with our diligent efforts over the last three decades, we the Tater Group, has always believed in the virtues of expanding our business horizons. With a significant presence in the real estate and the jewellery sectors it wasn’t long before we set out to create value in the area of education.

Modern India, as we see it, has always contributed significantly to the world with its eternal wisdom. To underline this presence in a formal sense called for setting up institutes and creating future leaders. It was after much deliberation and research that the crying need for premium education in the Pre-school sector became a thrust area for the group.

This was the thought process that has paved the way for YOUNGIN' International Pre-School and Child Care. The initiative was set off from suburban Mumbai with the setting up of multiple branches in 2017. It is the success story of these programs that has today become the wind beneath our wings. We at YOUNGIN' are well on our way to create future Young Indian leaders with our revolutionary Pre-School and Child Care Program.

YOUNGIN' Philosophy

YOUNGIN' emerges from the core philosophy that every child is out of the ordinary.

Intelligence, we believe, in all its forms needs to be acknowledged and nurtured. A botanist for us is no more intelligent than a mathematician; a chemist no better off to take on life than an accomplished musician.

Whatever their inclination: we love children.

Learning, at YOUNGIN', is not limited to first ranks, distinctions and accolade certificates. It is about chiseling a personal belief system that helps the child evolve into the best he can be. Life skills,
we understand, play a poignant role in every adult’s life. Imparting life skills effectively during the formative years is the key to sculpting a healthy adult.

The YOUNGIN' mantra of discovering the X factor in every child is a surefire path to making every child a confident adult secure in their own world.

With its incandescent youth power carving a niche in the global scenario it is time for India to harness its latent youth potential.

Management / Team
In The Loving Memory of
Mr. Jitendra Tater
Mrs. Vimla Tater
Late Mr. Jitendra Tater and Late Mrs. Vimla Tater

They valued one thing above everything else.

Governing board members
Mr. Khyalilal Tater

Chairman – TATERWORLD (Business Conglomerate), Leader and Philanthropist

Mrs. Nikita Tater

Founder – YoungIn’ International, Bachelors in Interior Designing, MBA (Finance)

Mr. Francis Joseph

Former COO of India’s largest singly-managed Group of Schools. Vice President of Early Childhood Association

Dr. Smita Desai

Hon.Mentor -'Special Education'
Founder – Director of DRISHTI. Ph. D in Educational Psychology, M. Ed degree credits in Special Education (Specialization: Learning Disacilities + Behavious/ Emotional difficulties) from North Carolina State University, U.S.A.

Dr. Reni-Francis

Hon.Mentor -'Multiples Intelligences'
B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D, M.A (English). Researcher – Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI). Author – "Blooming with Multiple Intelligences".
Teacher Educator & Resource Guide in MI


Scientific Approach
to Child Care

YOUNGIN' was the earliest Child Care program in India to recognize the magnitude of Multiple Intelligence in children. Propounded by one of Americas leading developmental psychologist, in child care, Dr Howard Gardner, the new age theory Of Multiple Intelligence gives a whole new direction to the way child care should be looked at.


The YOUNGIN' international preschool & child care program is the most complete mind, body and soul training you could gift your child.


Our basic thrust is all about helping children mount up the trust toward an adult and helping the child discover her natural bent of curiosity through his “out-of-home mother”. We will go the whole distance to see that the child is comfortable, loved, cherished and safe.