At YOUNGIN' we are highly influenced by Dr. Howard Gardner, an internationally renowned psychologist, educationist and professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Dr. Gardner’s acclaimed theory of Multiple Intelligences shatters the age old myth that intelligence is of a single type and challenges the educational approach that treats all children as being the same.

Our core understanding

Each child is intelligent in her or his own way. They just cannot just be categorized as intelligent, average. We provide the exploratory space for a child to find what engages her or him, to identify her or his area of greatest potential. We boost the talents identified and help them grow to be more.

Our curriculum

At school a child studies, at home a child learns. At YOUNGIN' we have a curriculum that provides everything the child needs to evolve, develop and grow holistically. This curriculum brings focus on eight specific areas of personal and intelligence development. Not just that, we also work with our children on grooming, etiquette, personal presentation and societal interaction skills. We help develop confident individuals who interact with others and face situations with great control.

At YOUNGIN' we ensure holistic development of each child by focusing on all eight areas of development.

Literacy Skills

Fine arts

Numeracy Skills

Physical development

Conceptual Skills

Personal Health and Safety Skills

Social Studies

Social and Emotional Development