Corporate Day Care Tie-Up

The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017 received the assent of President of India in March 2017. The related Maternity Benefit Bill was passed by both houses of the parliament in the same month. Besides revising paid maternity leave to 26 weeks from 12 weeks earlier, the new law mandates that companies with more than 50 employees provide a Daycare or Crèche facility within a prescribed distance from the workplace.

What does this mean for the HR department?

The onus is on HR to ensure that employees have a completely worry free Daycare experience, not only in the interest of compliance, but to improve employee engagement and productivity. It’s a challenge for most companies to implement this in-house, considering the expertise and resources required within a short duration.

A practical approach then would be to partner with a reputed Childcare Provider. That’s where YOUNGIN' international Pre-school and DayCare come in to picture. Our aim is to bring mothers back to the workplace by providing their children a safe, secure, caring environment, conducive to learning. We achieve this through our premium childcare brand.

YOUNGIN' international Pre-school and DayCare has designed 12 hours’ day care program that is suitable for working women’s, which along with academics also focus on right nutrition, mental health, values and culture etc.

What corporate solutions do we provide?
On-site site exclusive daycare
  • An exclusive facility set up with in office premises of the corporate client

  • Property, setup cost and operational investment will be corporate clients responsibility

  • YOUNGIN' manages the day-to-day day care operations

  • Holidays and timings of the Centre are mapped to the Corporate’s need
  • Easy access for employees

  • Based on capacity utilization, actual running costs can be scaled up or down

  • Corporate has complete control on design, access & quality of the center

Off-site site exclusive daycare
  • Corporate client and YOUNGIN' sign up MOU for providing admission preference to client’s employees in the nearest YOUNGIN' Pre-school and day care

  • Corporate client provides minimum guarantee on admissions under the MOU

  • No capital investment for corporate client

  • No operational hassles of managing high risk daycare model

Corporate Enquiry

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